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School Physical

School Physical assures you that your child is healthy enough to safely attend school. It’s sometimes needed to participate in sports and other school-sponsored activities.

Your child might need a school physical to ensure they’re healthy enough to participate in school activities and up-to-date with their vaccines.

Your child’s provider asks questions about their personal and family medical histories, including medications they take, past diagnoses and symptoms

Your provider can complete screening tests to evaluate your child’s overall health and wellness. They offer developmental screening, vision and hearing tests, diabetes screening, hormone tests, blood tests, allergy and asthma testing, heart function tests, and more. If your child has a health problem requiring treatment, their provider can help to relieve symptoms, restore your child’s quality of life, and prevent serious medical complications.

They might recommend vaccines, prescription medications, an inhaler, dietary supplements, nutrition counseling for healthy weight management, further diagnostic testing, or a specialist referral.

School physically finds your child to be in good health, their provider can sign off on the required school physical forms. You get a copy to take with you or send to your child’s school administrators as needed.

If your child is ill and requires treatment, such as prescription antibiotics, their doctor can send a note stating when it’s safe to return to school.

Sports Physical

Your child needs a sports physical to play organized sports, A sports physical is a comprehensive physical examination in which your provider determines if you or your child is healthy enough to compete in sports training and competitions safely.

Schools and sports teams might require a sports physical prior to participation. Physical examinations can detect or rule out heart issues and other potentially serious health problems.

During a vital signs check, Jupiter Gardens specialist evaluates your weight, pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs to screen for medical problems.

Your provider reviews your medical history to screen for disease risk factors. They ask questions about medications you may take, past diagnoses, prior surgeries, and family history of disease.

During the physical examination portion of a sports physical, your doctor evaluates your eyes, ears, throat, breathing, heartbeat, limbs, reflexes, and more. They look for signs of illness, disease, or injury that might require further evaluation or treatment.

If you’re at risk of a health problem or your provider detects signs of one during screening or your exam, they might recommend you undergo specific diagnostic tests. Examples include allergy or asthma testing, urine tests, blood tests, heart function tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic imaging procedures.

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