Pre - Operative Clearance
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Pre - Operative Clearance

We offer pre op clearance exams and necessary blood work needed prior to getting any procedure. Not all procedures need pre operative clearance by your primary doctor. Most major surgeries need pre op clearance and your team at Jupiter Gardens can help guide you navigate the process.

Vaccines are often made of dead or weakened bacteria or viruses. They can build your body’s immunity and protect you from contracting certain illnesses, or lessening their severity.

In illnesses such as the flu, for example, you might still get sick, but the antibodies you produce from the vaccine keep you from getting as sick as you otherwise might.

Your provider reviews your medical history and preferences to determine which type of vaccinations are right for you or your loved one.

Some vaccinations are available as a mist you can inhale, rather than an injection. Your doctor might suggest you receive more than one type of vaccine.

There’s no downtime after getting a vaccine, so you can resume normal activities immediately. However, you might feel a little tired, develop a mild fever or headache, or experience redness or soreness at the injection site.

Your primary care specialist might recommend you or your child take over-the-counter medications as needed to alleviate temporary discomfort.

We are unable to provide vaccinations at the facility at this time, we will look into this soon.

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